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Anglian Water Pollution Reduction Campaign   ()

 From: Anglian Water's Pollution Prevention Team [mailto:pollutionwatch@anglianwater.co.uk

Sent: 22 February 2016 14:06
Subject: Help us reduce pollution in your parish!
Dear Ms Ayling
I am writing to inform you of a new campaign Anglian Water are looking to launch called “Pollution Watch”.  It is all about ensuring we Spot, Report and Stop sewage pollution incidents as quickly as possible and minimise the impact to the environment.
A key part of our business is to return used water from homes and businesses safely back into the environment. This is no small operation and requires a huge number of assets, including over 76,000km of sewer pipes - that’s enough to go around the world twice! We work hard to ensure that these operate effectively at all times.  However, very occasionally sewage escapes from the system causing a pollution incident.  Pollution can kill fish and other aquatic life and also affect the use of water and land for agricultural, business, community purposes.
Escapes from the sewage system are commonly caused by the build-up of fats, oils and greases, sanitary waste and wipes; all of which cause blockages and reduce the flow of sewage through the network.
There are many tell-tale signs that pollution has entered a river or a stream. These include:
  • sewage solids
  • toilet debris such as toilet paper, condoms and sanitary products
  • soap suds or a milky-looking discharge in the water
  • grey coloured water
  • a noticeable sewage smell
Our Love Every Drop strategy, which puts water at the heart of a whole new way of living, includes a business goal of No Pollutions. We’re investing millions in pollution prevention through continually maintaining and improving our asset base and enhancing our understanding of its performance.  This includes £5.5 million of network maintenance; analysis to predict potential sewer blockages; enhanced maintenance at pumping stations; increasing the number of staff on pollution control and working with river-users to help us identify and report problems quickly.
We are working hard to minimise pollution incidents from our assets, and we’d really like your help to look after rivers and waterways too.  By calling our Pollution Hotline on 03457 145 145 and informing us about potential sewage pollution issues, we can respond sooner meaning we have the best opportunity to minimise any environmental impact. 
To support this, we plan to launch the “Pollution Watch” campaign to raise awareness of sewage pollution, the causes of it, and what to do if you spot it.  We aim to work at parish level with local communities to help understand the sewerage network and its performance and what to do if you spot a problem.
To launch the campaign, we are running a project across our region to work together on the following areas:
  • to explore the general level of understanding of the sewerage network and its function within your area
  • to identify the likely locations of discharges from the network within your area
  • to discuss the wording for signs at these locations
  • to consider ways of working together to spread the word
We aim to have a programme of activity over the next 5 years to work with more and more parish councils across our region. In the meantime, if you would like to be involved in our project, please do get in touch. 
For further information on Pollution Watch, please do not hesitate to get in touch or click here.
Yours faithfully,
Victoria Wilkinson
Pollution Prevention Manager